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how to abort the content with turmeric acid

cara menggugurkan kandungan muda dengan kunyit not just for cooking spices, turmeric has been used from the past as a traditional method of abortion medication Kunyit. has many useful and useful benefits to alleviate various complaints and diseasesManfaat. turmeric fitness is mainly due to its curcumin content. Curcumin is a substance that is responsible for the efficacy, taste, and color of turmeric

Some of the benefits of turmeric one is to have anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect, provide protection against heart attack and stroke by reducing blood clot manifestation, protecting the liver, and helping the digestion of fat by increasing bile output. gives a choice of many health benefits, in fact turmeric can also trigger side effects, especially when used with the wrong method

Here are the side effects of turmeric for pregnant women:

1. gastric problems

Because of the spicy nature it has, consuming turmeric in the long term can cause stomach problems
To help keep away from this side effect, when taking turmeric supplements, choose an enteric coating (enteric coating) where the supplement dissolves in the small intestine so as not to interrupt the stomach

2. Stimulate the uterus

Turmeric is known as a uterine stimulant that can force the flow of menstruation. pregnant women and nursing mothers need to be careful not to apply too much turmeric

3. Bleeding

Turmeric is known to block platelet clumping so it can prevent blood clots. but turmeric in fact can also cause bleeding. seriously take the right dose to keep away from this side effect

When choosing turmeric supplements, select the listed products and contain additional natural nutrients so that more and more of the benefits you will get

How to abort the contents with turmeric

Take 2 stems of turmeric for three centimeters for the little finger. Panggangah on a small fire Try it. so that turmeric is not to burn

After bake 2-3 minutes, mash the turmeric until smooth. Combine 1/4 teaspoon salt, give water one glass. then squeeze it afterwards strain

Take the water afterwards to drink. Use a herb for 1 week, every morning and evening, undoubtedly the youngest did not get another sister

cara menggugur kandungan dengan kunyit terabit successfully can the rate of abortion content with no drugs and widely used by young mothers in villages far from puskesmas. One of our ancestral heritage that is still widely practiced today is the traditional herbs, one of which for example is a concoction of abortion methods (natural family) like Abortion Drugs.

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Safe Abortion: Technical and Policy Guide in the Health System

Over the past two decades, the scientific obat alami menggugurkan kandungan evidence in health, technology and human rights thought to provide safe and comprehensive abortion services has undergone a major evolution. Nevertheless, an estimated 22 million unsafe abortions continue to occur each year. An estimated 47 000 women died and 5 million women suffer morbidity due to unsafe abortions. The mortality and morbidity could be prevented through sexuality education, contraception, and the provision of safe and legal abortion services.

In developed countries, safe abortion services are available legally and can be done at the request of women, with broad limits both economic and social, as well as easy access. In countries where abortion is restricted by law and / or not available, safe abortion is often the privilege of the rich, while poor women have little choice, causing death and morbidity into social and financial burden on the public health system. 98% of the world's unsafe abortions occur in developing countries - this proportion has not changed since 2000.

Aborsi Aman

Estimates of unsafe abortion confirms that the legal status of abortion has little effect on the choice of a woman for an abortion, meaning there is no relevance between the criminalization of abortion and the need for abortion. Although the law prohibits abortion, but women still try to seek abortion services.

Given these conditions and the need to provide safe abortion services to protect women's health, then in June 2012, the World Health Organization (WHO) has finally issued 'Abortion Safe: Free Technical and Policy in Health Systems' which is the second edition of the same guidelines published in 2003. the world Health Organization (wHO) issued the latest recommendations for use by the Ministry of Health, Program Managers and service providers worldwide. Free 2012 is to integrate the perspective of Human Rights (HAM) in the provision of safe abortion services and comprehensive, together with evidence of clinical and public health today, please visit here